Sunday, October 28, 2007

Appendix A- Example of Propinquity

Appendix A

Example of Propinquity

One everyday example of how propinquity can influence the formation of friendships can be seen in my everyday life. Almost all of my friends became my friends simply because I was “exposed” to them on a regular basis. I developed and still maintain friendships formed in high school, I have friends from work, uni friends, family friends and friends of friends. Though, every single relationship formed from regular exposure to the person.

Another example of propinquity can be seen on those relationships where a person simply “grows on you”. This is the case for a lot of the friendships I started at work. As mean as it sounds, I would not have become friends with the people at work if I didn’t work with them on a regular basis. They are very different from the rest of my friends, and when I first started working there they were actually very annoying! But after seeing them day-in-day-out they all grew on me. And while they are all still very different to my other closer friends, I would definitely still consider them good friends.

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