Monday, August 27, 2007

First Attempt at Concept Map- Explanation

Hi Guys,

Well, I finally worked out how to post my concept map, after three long days of signing up to almost every single concept mapping site, I worked it out. I believe that mine will be a little different to others though....

... for starters, if you can't see it (as in it is not there at all) try going to the Blog Archives on the side and clicking on 2007 or August. For some reason it disappears from time to time, though i think i have fixed the problem for now, please let me know if it is disappearing again.

Secondly, it only comes up as a small map that is next to impossible to read, but if you click on the map itself it will expand to full size. I would love any feedback on it's readability and presentation.

Lastly, please note that this map only depicts MY understanding of stereotypes... it was created before any research was done (but i may have gotten a little help from the lecture).

And, just so you know what my map is all about here is my blog question:

...consider how this stereotype could be changed and present a concept map depicting your understanding of the socio-psychological variables involved.

Any problems or comments, please let me know.

First Attempt at a Concept Map

Figure 1. Concept map depicting my own thoughts of the socio-psychological variables involved in stereotyping

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Aboriginal Stereotypes in Australia

Hi all,

Thank you to all those who voted on my Blog. After much consideration I have decided to research the stereotypes that Australians hold about aboriginals or indigenous Australians. There is one stereotype in particular that i have stumbled across quite a lot throughout my research which is the stereotypes that all aboriginals are "drunks on the dole".

I should have a concept map up soon and hopefully a draft essay will follow shortly after, but at this stage i am looking for any suggestions or comments you may have regarding this harsh and very negative stereotype.

Look forward to hearing from you