Saturday, August 25, 2007

Aboriginal Stereotypes in Australia

Hi all,

Thank you to all those who voted on my Blog. After much consideration I have decided to research the stereotypes that Australians hold about aboriginals or indigenous Australians. There is one stereotype in particular that i have stumbled across quite a lot throughout my research which is the stereotypes that all aboriginals are "drunks on the dole".

I should have a concept map up soon and hopefully a draft essay will follow shortly after, but at this stage i am looking for any suggestions or comments you may have regarding this harsh and very negative stereotype.

Look forward to hearing from you


James Neill said...

I wonder if there are at least dual stereotypes, e.g., "drunks, lazy, on the dole, etc." and the "hunting, fishing, corroboree, primitive, etc." traditional stereotype?

Bec said...
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Bec said...

Hi Emma,
I completely agree that there is the drunk and on the dole stereotype of Aborginal people. I use to live in a community with a high Aboriginal population and the few Aborginals that were seen drunk in public created a disorted image. I think people take in what they immediately see (ie. one Aboriginal drunk in a park) and miss for example, the Aboriginals at school and the families at home. People are unable to view each individual case of a non-drunk employed Aboriginal, however this does not make the stereotype correct.