Sunday, September 2, 2007

Stereotypes in Australia: Why do we stereotype?- Appendix A

Appendix A

Self-assessment report

Marking criteria 1 & 2- Theory & Research

The essay was well researched and applied numerous, relevant theories and studies to the argument. A little more research could have been done regarding how or if stereotypes change, as this paragraph seems a little “brushed over” or incomplete. Other than that, all other areas covered were well researched and applied the theories of stereotyping effectively.

It appears that relevant and recent theories and literature have been identified and understood. Though, perhaps more concise summaries would have allowed for more explanations and examples to be used which may have better demonstrated a thorough understanding of the topic.

Overall, a sound understanding of the research and theories relating to stereotypes was evident throughout the paper.

Marking Criteria 3- Written Expression

APA style is consistent and accurate throughout the essay. The essay is clearly set out from the introduction, which restates the essay question ensuring clarity for the reader, and the main body of the essay follows through and flows in a logical manner. The text and colours used are easy to read and the blog does not contain bright colours and picture for the purpose of not drawing the reading attention away from the essay.

A Microsoft Word online readability test was conducted, the readability ease score for this paper was 44.5 where as the readability grade point score was 11.7. These scores indicate that the readability of this essay was slightly below average.

The concept map was well used to present the authors point-of-view and ideas, though it could have been more effective if linked differently into the paper, such as a link from the paragraph of why individuals use stereotypes. A better explanation of the concept map may have also been useful.

The set out and style of the blog posting is simple to read and is clear and easy to follow, the layout also aids the blogs readability as it is not “busy” and quite user-friendly. Overall, the written expression is quite effective in getting the message across to the reader.

Marking Criteria 4- Online engagement

The blog was created within the first few weeks of the term to allow for plenty of time for planning and feedback. A poll was used to encourage blog readers to interact and become involved in the planning process, unfortunately though not many blog readers voted, thus, it may have been useful to try another approach in order to encourage blog participation.

All ideas and brainstorms were posted early on in the semester which was effective in persuading others to comment, though again, different approaches may have been beneficial in attracting more bloggers to leave comments, thoughts and opinions.

Adding thoughts, questions and ideas to the discussion pages may have also increased blog participation from others or even having more ‘fun’ , interactive blog postings, such as experiments, short films, television ads, articles etc., may have boosted blog participation.

Numerous comments were left on other bloggers pages, though in most cases this did not lead to them leaving comments or responding to comments left. Again, more commenting could have been done in the first instance to encourage blog participation.

Some comment links

Overall, online engagement was of a medium to high level

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